WOW !!! Last year, September 18, 2017 I made an extremely hard decision that came from what I though was a series of unfortunate circumstance(s). I had to make a grown up decision to quit my job effective immediately and figure out what to do next. In the moment my words rang in my ear "God I'm ready to quit my job" that I've said several times however in this moment I did not think he was answering my request. Mainly because THIS is not how I planned on quitting my job! I, at the time, had no plan, money was funny and I was scared to death! All I could think of next was to call my Mom. Mom's normally know what to do... and then it dawned on me... the moment I've been waiting for has arrived ! Sometimes its not HOW you get there, but actually GETTING there that matter's.

Here I am, writing my email to my boss that I have to quit and like magic as soon as I pressed send an unexpected "direct deposit" notification rolled on my phone screen. I cried, literally ! Not because it was money, but because it was God's peace comforting me and reassuring me that I am exactly where I need to be. Since that day, I have experienced his reassurance throughout this year in all sorts of ways! From Clients, People, Video's Parents, Unexpected blessings of all sorts ! Your only job is to SHOW UP and your purpose will meet you there !

Here we are, 13 days away from 1 year being a Full Time Photographer, Cinematographer and Creative Director and boy oh boy has this been a journey! 

I look forward to sharing with you all not only my testimony and not only the good times, but the amount of change and self discovery I went through! A whole load of BTS (behind the scenes) footage and crazy experiences I've had! We don't realize how fast a year can go until it has gone. So I say to anyone reading this, don't feel bad for being afraid to take the leap of faith ! Pick up the fear and any other baggage of doubts you may have and JUMP !!! God can only guide you when you no longer have a compass !

Thank you for watching listening and supporting the kid (ME) ! 

- Keisha, Diary of an Entrepreneur !