... A Black Winter...

This blog is dedicated to those... those who sat and watched, those who felt inadequate, those who suffered and had no choice, those who were born with a stigma, those who are..."black". This blog is not your typical "lets bash all other races type of blog", It's actually a place and source of inspiration from one race to the next; from one sista'/brotha' to another.

ººº This blog is for everyone ººº

Daily I watch the ways of this world and realize that us, "black people", lose by not valuing ourselves more. Our Community, History, Generation, Traditions, Children and Money need more attention from us than we give to those who could care less about us. It starts with self first, and then in the home. What are we modeling today for the next generation?

I'm not looking for the tradition of a "White Winter" this year, I'm creating my own "Black Winter"... Everything I plan to do will embrace black, re-introduce black, sound black, love black, and preach black. And yes, I love everybody and every race, but right now, it's our time to shine, it's time to take our BLACK back.

In this blog you will see beautiful shades of melanin. Let it rebirth you, let it refresh you, and let it remind you that WE ARE BLACK, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WE ARE HERE!!!

...happy winter, 33:15 Photography :)


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Photography: 33:15 Photography BY MIKEISHA TRESEVANT


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