This week S P O T L I G H T features one of our collaborations for a Poet, BrookeJean. Although she's from California, her vibe has traveled through several countries and spoken to the hearts of many.

33:15 Took the time to meet with BrookeJean who gave us a behind the scenes on how poetry has become her. I wont give it all away, but I'm amazed at how BrookeJean took the journey of living a lifestyle of following your Dreams to a whole new level. Read for yourself...

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Tell us a bit about your art and what you do ?

Born in San Bernardino and raised in Los Angeles County, I was an introverted social butterfly looking to find the real version of myself. I began writing poetry in elementary school and kept it private until late 2009. Encouraged by my peers to recite, and join a duo girl rap group at the time, gave me my confidence to move forward in a career I wasn’t aware I wanted. Finding my own lane was a journey that developed over time and it brought me to this current point in my life. As a full-time freelance artist, I perform spoken word poetry in song format over jazz, hip hop and R&B instrumentation. I write copy, content and creative articles for other brands and businesses as well.


What inspired you to dive into poetry and what's been your motivation behind it ?

People are the sole foundation of my inspiration. I’ve witnessed my elders waste years of their life being overworked and underpaid. I witness my peers frustrated with their unwanted career choices, financial struggles and simply taking their own lives. It moves me to express the necessity of living the life you truly want to live. I personally battle with keeping my optimism full throttle at all times, so I even use my own art as a reminder to never give up the consistency of moving forward in my purpose.

My motivation derives from opening up others eyes to the numerous possibilities around them. I am the example that your freedom to live comes with self-love, loving the work you do and growing your skills. As a constant work in progress, my self-motivation is being the best version of Brooke Jean I can be. 


Has there been a significant highlight within your journey you would like to share ?

My entire journey consists of others providing me opportunities to progress. 2013 I was mentored by Russell Simmons (which is found on YouTube) on growing my business/self and became the face of My Rising Tide. I opened up for Grammy Nominated Artist Bilal at the Key Club in Hollywood. To date, I released three self-published EPs, performed in four countries and spoken at non-profits/schools.


Where do you see your poetry & brand in the future ?

I see stadiums with a sea of people enjoying the vibe of a live band and poetic music. Festivals, concerts and private release parties. I see thresholds being created for my unique twist to the music. I see my growth expanding and budding. I see a change in the culture, community and people that are inspired by my work.


Statements of importance for our readers.

"Time will pass every day whether or not you want it to. An abundance of resources is at your fingertips waiting for you to begin loving the work you do and creating your own opportunities. Why not work in fields that bring you joy and transforms the people you encounter? Never allow finances to determine your path, the hustle to achieve financial freedom will go with you in any endeavor you take on. You might as well work towards something you don’t mind doing for the rest of your life" -BrookeJean.


.................How to find BrookeJean...

You can read inspiring articles, download my music and stay updated on my website 

My social media information is:

Twitter/Instagram: @Brooke_Jean


Snapchat: BrookeJeanQueen