This week S P O T L I G H T features one of our collaborations for the launch of "". From blogger, health and natural hair extraordinaire, La Vaughn M.

33:15 Took some time to meet with creator, La Vaughn, who gave us a preview on how she started the blog, what’s featured, and how she was inspired to begin such a brand. Read below to see how CurlyCurvz gives women a platform to look to for advice and tutorials on natural hair regiment’s and living a healthy lifestyle.

Tell us a bit about your business and what you do?

I am currently building a sort of “one-stop-shop” for all things pertaining to natural hair care, health, and beauty. My website is a place for black women who may be struggling with growing and maintaining their natural hair or looking to enhance their own natural beauty. I will also be offering plenty of health and fitness tips (because everyone knows that healthy hair and skin start from within) ;). Along with my current and future blog posts, my website will offer a number of different resources including hair tutorials, “hairspiration” testimonials, and a free eBook when you subscribe, just to name a few.

What inspired you to create a business as such and what is your motivation behind it ?

I am absolutely obsessed with hair. I always have been. It’s the first thing that I notice about people. I used to watch my mom braid hair all day long as a kid. Her clients would come over and they’d sit out on the porch while she did their individuals or French braids, using fake hair. It would take hours sometimes but I’d just sit and watch, fascinated. Eventually I caught on and began braiding my own hair at the age of 10. By the time I had turned 12 years old, I was getting paid to braid hair and had clients of my own.
Fast forward to my 18th birthday, this is when I decided to cut my own hair. My hair has always been a pretty nice length, reaching my bra strap but I had cut it to my shoulders. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I mean, it was only hair. “It would grow back, right?” Wrong! Well, partially. I didn’t know until I cut my hair that I actually didn’t know how to properly take care of it. It wasn’t until my hair stayed the same length (shoulder length) for almost 4 years that I got fed up and started doing some real research. What I learned changed my life forever.
Anyway, after graduating college in 2013 and being down on my luck in the job department, I decided to start a blog. I began writing about all the things I did on a daily basis to take care of my hair. Eventually, I attracted a small following of mostly women who literally waited for my next piece of advice on hair. That’s when I realized that I could turn this into something bigger. I know a lot about what our (black women; all hair types) hair needs to grow so I figure why not share the wealth?! On my journey, I’ve also realized how important it is to exercise and eat healthy. They go hand in hand when trying to achieve overall natural health & beauty.

Has there been a significant highlight within your business journey you would like to share ?

I just recently creatively directed a shoot for my site, highlighting black women with natural hair styles. I chose 3 women, all different skin tones, who I also styled myself (braids & bantu knots done by me, also). I teamed up with a dope photographer ( and made some black girl magic happen. Being natural is a lifestyle and my goal was to create a sense of what that looks like through this “look book”; which will also be available when the site launches. I plan on doing seasonal look books for my site to further this “natural-hair lifestyle” so if you or anyone you know is interested in being a “natural-hair model” contact me as soon as possible.

Where do you see your business in the future?

I see big things for my business in the future. I have so many plans underway and I am struggling to keep them all to myself but for now I will. There is so much more to come from Curly Curvz and I hope you’re willing to come along for the ride. Stay tuned!!

Statements of importance for our readers.

“healthy hair and skin start’s from within“ - CurlyCurvz

How to find CurlyCurvz. Website ? Social Media Sites ?

The website is currently down until the beginning of May, although there are still a few tips available for any new readers ☺. I am currently working with an amazing graphic designer who has been so patient with me and my vision for the site. I can’t wait for you all to see the finished product. In the meantime follow me on Instagram, Twitter , & Facebook @curlycurvz to stay up to date with the website launch and future giveaways. You can also subscribe to my blog ( at this time and I will contact you personally when the site is up and running again. ☺


Qiyamah N. (Long braids)

Dominique P. (Curly Hair)

Shaneka O. (Bantu Knots)