***My Photo was shot by: Brandon Norwood @bigmanb

33:15 Weekly! SPOTLIGHTS ON ME!!!
Boy, this has been a journey. One I’ve definitely waited some time for. I thoroughly love my day job, which is work at a University, and all of the other activities I do. However if you know me, you know I loooooovvveeeee pictures/videos. In college I was pretty obsessive with it. I obliterated all social media sites and posted as much as I possibly could. Pictures of literally EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. I’m 100% sure I became obsessed with capturing life itself. I was the historian or the go-to person for any pictures or videos for any organization I’ve been involved in and even with family. As you read my previous post, I take it all from my awesome grandmother. I, in fact, named my Sony A600 (Camera) – yes I went mirrorless – after her. I feel like I’ve posed for the camera all my life, so having awesome documentation of great memories has become very important to me. As life caught up with me I did slow down a bit with posting so many pictures mainly because of the dangers of social media and how easy it is to find a person. However my love for capturing a moment has never died. One day I was scrolling through various social media sites and I decided I wanted to invest in a real DSLR camera. So after much research and considering just how much money I would be spending, I decided to take my love of photography the professional route. So here we are, 33:15 Photography.