This week SPOTLIGHT features one of our collaborations for a promotion shoot for “THE DISTRICTS SPORT PERFORMANCE FACILITY”. A Gym that caters to individuals and families in need of assistance to a healthy and active lifestyle.

33:15 Took some time to meet with representatives AJ and Alfredo Moosa whom gave us an inside on the startup of The Districts Sport Performance Facility.

Tell us a bit about your business and what you do?

The District Sports Performance is facility that caters to the needs of all people. Whether you’re looking for a small non crowded place to exercise or a fun boot camp environment to challenge yourself. We also have one personal training for all your goals. It can be weight loss or all the way down to creating the better athlete, we do it all.

What inspired you to create a business as such and hat is your motivation behind it?

Ever since we could remember, we have been involved with athletics and fitness. We have trained and learned from some of the best in the world. Helping people and seeing the results is truly a blessing and ultimately what motivates us to keep going and getting bigger and bigger.

Has there been a significant highlight within your business journey you would like to share?

The biggest highlight for us is seeing the smiles on our member’s faces. Especially the young kids. You can’t beat a child’s smile.

Where do you see your business in the future?

We want to continue growing, and providing as much help to the city as we can. Hopefully upon up more locations in different cities and continue to spread smiles.

Statements of importance for our readers…

The hardest part of doing anything, is getting started. Once you move past that, continue to move forward and grow.

To Contact/Visit The Districts Sports Performance refer to the information below:

IG: @districtsp

Facebook and yelp: The District Sports Performance

21505 Sherman Way

Canoga Park, 91303