This weeks S P O T L I G H T review features our collaboration with an awesome event planning company, DoubleDose Event Boutique, who are known for their classically, yet fun themed decor. No matter the event, as you'll hear in their interview, they are able to bring the vision of their clients to life.

33:15 took the time to meet with DoubleDose who shared with us how the business derived from having fun planning their family holidays and flourished into an awesome event planning boutique . Ive been to events planned by DoubleDose and noticed how the mood of the event caters to its theme. Birthday parties, weddings, conferences, and especially holidays. An event with DoubleDose leaves no napkin unfolded, all RSVP's ran smoothly, and every theme partied. I wont give it all away but If your looking for an event planner, DoubleDose is your platter.

In the video and photos below you will see just how awesome their work is. The event stylist at DoubleDose -- Dija, Tanya, and Daja -- took a simple vintage desk drawer and turned it into a Summer Pineapple Drink stand. In the middle of a beautiful park on a hot Summers Day, the stand gave such elegance and simplicity for a quaint party outdoors.

Enjoy :)

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