This weeks S P O T L I G H T review features our collaboration with a singer, Betty Solomon, whom after hearing her music and what she intends to bring tot he world of music is essential for everyone's playlist. Who is ready for real music?

33:15 took the time to meet with the phenomenal artist Bethel Solomon, who shared with us how her love of music creates an environment of peace for her.  Taking advantage of everything she's been through and experienced who Bethel Solomon is becomes no question after hearing her story. I wont tell it all, but after taking a listen to her music all my questions about her as an artist were answered. After you read through our interview with her, feel free to check out her music as well which is linked below.

Enjoy :)

Tell us a bit about yourself as an Artist...

I sing, everyday everywhere. 


What inspired you to began music ?

It is therapy, if I am not singing I am thinking (or praying). In the world we live in right now the opposition of negativity is very much alive. Like life is more challenging now for most than it has ever been. The melodies God has set in my heart have carried me through a lot of that and frustrations. Without it I don't know how I would deal.


Has there been a significant highlight within your journey as an Artist ?

Since moving to LA I have trusted God and my craft more. IT was almost immediate everything that happened after that. A couple open mics, showcases and the Stank Face Festival. Honestly it has all been a highlight. Meeting Ahmed Alabaca was a huge one. His piano skills are amazing and what he has created around my voice has somehow extracted more emotion out of what I say. It has all been pretty magical.


Where do you see yourself as an artist in the future ?

As far as the eyes can't see....


Statement for our readers.

"Reach deep down in your being and extract yourself. Not for me or anyone you know. For everyone that needs a friend, is having a tough time in life or just someone like you. Extract the most raw form and let it be displayed with no shame.


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