This weeks S P O T L I G H T review features our collaboration with an amazing artist, who is known for her work as a musician, dancer, and recording artist.

33:15 took the time to meet with Claire Renee, who shared with us how as an artist she has lived music from her own personal journey, stories she's heared, and life that is consistently happening around her. Claire shares with us how she cant be boxed, but expresses her sound as one for everyone to relate to. A compilation of life, love, healing, good and bad times is what you'll get when you listen to Claire Renee, but I don't want to give it all away, so please refer to our interview below.

Enjoy :)

Tell us a bit about yourself as an artist. What kind of music do you do ? If there is a genre you place yourself in, what would it be ?

My name is Claire Reneé and I'm a singer/songwriter and dancer. I make music for the soul. If I had to put myself in a box (which the world naturally does to understand things) I would say I fall in the realm of soul music/future soul.


What is your inspiration behind your music ?

Life. Stories I hear, my story, nature, and everything in between.


Share with us a significant highlight within your music journey. How did "Claire Renee" come about ?

A significant highlight within my music journey is deciding to take it seriously and deciding to work on myself as a full and complete artist. I used to just dance professionally and singing and writing was something I just happened to be good at. My music and my dance training go hand in hand and makeup Claire Reneé. Claire Reneé has always been here (my actual name) as she grew older she realized she wanted to touch hearts and minds all over the world.


Where do you see the future for your music ?

I see myself and my music becoming global. I would love to tour and see the people who connect with me on every continent. My artistry is something we haven't seen in a while. Once I conclude my next project I think more of my previous statement will be understood. Stay tuned lol.


...any significant/inspiring words you would like to share with our readers ?

Be yourself. It is so hard to get caught up in what works for everyone else and the gimmicks out here. Being yourself sometimes is a slower and longer journey but it's worth it. It makes success that much sweeter. Everyone else is taken. Be you.


How to connect with Claire Renee...

Twitter/IG/Snapchat: artisterenee