In case they forgot... OUR BLACK has ALWAYS been Beautiful...

With the worlds concept beaten into our brains it can take an African American WOMAN years to know just how special and beautiful she is. Speaking from personal experience, I had no idea just how amazing my "colored" skin was and still is. With the help of being consistently teased and outcast as a child as well as compared to my lighter skinned friends I felt inferior 100% of the time about being a little black girl. It took growth, maturity and self-love to know, I too; am beautiful. I had to learn in between my history and my culture my skin is more than just a color; it is a composition of my ancestors; Kings and Queens that reign through the rivers of Africa. My BLACK has ALWAYS been beautiful... I just had to take the time to see it.   
Special shout out to the models framed for this shoot, that created such a beautiful photo story. THANK YOU !!!

Deja (black hat) Breayre (burgundy hat)

Meet Artist "HANNAH SAPORNA"... @xhefs

........this melted my heart; to have someone so inspired by our Photo Story that they were encouraged to recreate and mold it into yet another beautiful piece. Full of Color, Culture and Curves once more. Again, THANK YOU Hannah! The limit an artist has is one put upon himself... GO BE GREAT YAL ~33:15 :)