"A Photo A Day"

...I'm taking a photography challenge to start of the new year; 2017. 2016 was so great and allowed me to do a lot of learning, and now its time to focus more on my own inspiration. Within this challenge I will find something everyday that has inspired me and post and share about it. I hope you enjoy this BLOG and also take the challenge of finding something everyday from January 1st - 31st that inspires you.



Day 1:

...Day 1. HNY 33:15 Family... This Photo of the Day is dedicated to my Grandmother. She's ultimately the reason I fell in love with Photography. Every single one of her children and Grand children has their own separate photo album from birth to at minimum high school if not later in life. To me, pictures began with her. It was her specialty for the family to take pictures all the time and anytime; birthdays, holidays and pretty much everyday. Also an Early Happy Birthday to her. My Grandmother will be turning another year January 3rd. So in Wishing her Happy Birthday my Day 1 is dedicated to her. Yearly New Years Day she still Cooks us black eyed peas (for good luck) and array of other amazing food to start the year off good. I LOVE YOU GRANNY ! And Happy New Year Family :) #3315ChallengeJan1

...Day 2: Everybody Meet Lu (Short for Luna) ! If you know me, you know just how much I love music, all sorts of music and how I also love singing. Music, being one of life's best therapy, definitely takes a seat next to Photography for me. Learning to play the guitar and singing are both other passions I'm in the business of perfecting. Learning an instrument from scratch is one of the most "self evaluating" activities I've ever done. I've always been "good" at doing stuff and to test myself at trying something new makes me visit all the fundamental principles of getting to know myself again. I have to be committed and take time daily to practice. I'm learning patience all over again because I have to remember I won't woke up the next day playing like Tori Kelly, India Arie, or Lauryn Hill. I have to stay focused because it's so easy to just scroll social media then practice/rehearse. Second to last, I have to stay intentional and focus on one song and one lesson at a time. And lastly but most important, I must remember to HAVE FUN. So here's to Day 2 of the #3315ChallengeJan2 !

...Day 3: ...the entire restaurant made me feel a tad bit sad for what they thought was a "dinner for 1"... when actually my friends were just running late. I had to admit, I myself realized I'd never really went to dinner, movie, or anything that's normal for pairs, by myself. So it was interesting to really watch the stares and awkward smiles from others as I sat... alone... and looked through the Menu. I'd have to admit, sitting there seeking inspiration from the restaurant as I take pictures of certain things, I actually kinda got lost in shooting and it was actually pretty fulfilling. I shall do this more often. ....sidebar your pretty dope if you can recognize these mouth watering biscuits.... Any takers ? #3315ChallengeJan3


...Day 4: I visited this old Vintage Book store and Record shop and the owner was an interesting fella and I don't think he realized just how much value he had in his quaint little store. I purchased this old book on Photography that was publish in 1976 mainly for decoration for my coffee table. So today, as it almost ended, I opened the book in search of inspiration and sulked in the opening pass...age from Author/Photographer Mr. Robin Perry. It reads..." I dedicate this book to all my heirs-all the young professionals- who choose Photography as their life work; as a way in which to earn their living; who love the art of photography as well and cast their lives, their soul, and perhaps their creative juices to the ever elusive quest for perfect photographs." ... keep shooting :) #3315ChallenegeJan4 See More

Day 5: REFLECTION... I looked at a photo I edited last year due to face-books "memories" function and compared it to one of the very same model I edited this year. I was extremely proud of my growth. Now to only be sure to apply this strategy to my everyday life. As long as I keep my eyes forward, focus on being a better me I'll look back January 2018 proud of my 2017 and all I get to reflect on. The "future me" is officially my motivation. I plan to make her proud this year. CHEERS to a joyful, successful, peaceful and fruitful year ! 2017, Let's Get It ! #3315ChallengeJan5 Shot ft's "The Lady Barber" @followmese Jamese D.


""""Day 6: MILESTONES... My beautiful Co-worker @maryly25 got engaged over break and I couldn't have been more happy for her (Look at the bling yal). These moments are the ones we are Thankful for. These moments are also the ones we are sometimes most afraid of. We fear because it's unfamiliar and we've gained access to a new level in life, however these moments are probably my favorite. It's the Silent "well done" we're given, that A on that Final, that "I GOT THE JOB" phone call, those butterflies in your stomach when it's finally right in front of you. This is how I feel 2017 should be for us all... we've worked effortlessly hard in 2016 that this new year should be full of gratitude. Let's relish in the moment as we cut the ribbon and open the doors to our next level in life. We must embrace the temporal fear of the unknown and start programming for yet another Milestone. CONGRATS TO THE NEWLY ENGAGED "Mary and Migs". βœ¨πŸΎπŸ’πŸ’... babies or nah ? #3315ChallengeJan6 """"


Day 7: HUMBLENESS... I hung out with my 7 year old brother today and the first thing he ask; "Keisha can u take my picture today ?"... and when he sat down and posed I realized he's really growing up. I remember a time when I thought I was oh so cool, and I also remember the times when I had to have my own slice of humble pie. I'm excited to watch him grow up. Watch him do great and even watch him when he has his falls. His growth keeps me humble, as his big sister I try to always push for better because if nobody else is watching, I know he is !!! #MyMotivation #LittleBrother #3315ChallengeJan8


Day 8: LAYERS.... Today I did a shoot for a photo story that will drop in honor of Martin Luther King Day. We infiltrated different colors and different layers of who we are as a people. What inspired me most is the positive energy that came from the different types of people we had out today. The Layers of who we are creates our connection with one another. People are meant for people. We create, minister, fulfill, and rebirth each other. Through every layer there lies a person whose paths you crossed. No matter if it were pain or joy that came from that experience it created a layer that now is YOU !!! So we embrace the layers, the differences in experiences that make us who we really are. Love each other, Love the Layers, Love you. #StayTuned #3315ChallengeJan8

Day 9: FUEL... Just like most Americans, I eat when I work. Most times I try and make sure it's a good food like fruits, almonds, veggies but other times it's cookies, chips and SUGAR ! Lol... I've realized my focus when working is often distracted when I eat the worst fuel. I also have better days with a better diet. And most importantly my mindset; If I think positive or when I'm full of good words of optimism I'm a better Me !!! Let's stay aware as a team of our every day fuel. What we take in is what we put out so let's promise to put more good then bad. #Practice #3315ChallenegeJan9

Day10: LIGHT... I've always been a morning person. The night time and I just don't get along. However, what I love most about morning is that it's a brand new day, giving you an opportunity to start fresh. I also love how the Sun Rises as the light slowly creeps in to tickle your face and let you know it's time to wake once more, time to get up, time to take another chance at this thing called life. Let the Light, even in this overcast, give you a fresh start today. When the Sun Sets I guarantee you'll be happy you gave today a chance. WAKE UP AND SHINE !!!

Day 11: TIME... the eleventh hour... someone I can almost never get away from. I don't think we realize that time is life's most valuable currency. It charges us daily, and unless we cash in and make something great of it, we are forever in debt. We all never know what the next day holds however it never hurt to actually set goals and plan for it. So let's beat debt and update, cross out and add to our To-Do List before it's too late. #LivingRoomClock #TickTock #3315ChallengeJan11


Day 12: BRANDING... So I'm talking with a few friends about recognizing how Forever 21 has a scripture at the bottom of their bags and someone tells me In-And-Out does the same. So I pondered about it.... both brands are extremely lucrative and service every race, color and creed and both brands still use their platforms for promotion of their liking and not compromise for /whom they allow to use it.. These two brands chose Bible Verses. Thinking of my own brand, considering my own flexibility vs not compromising who/what I stand for is ever evolving. Your Business/Brand is not all of you, however it's still apart of you and you shouldn't lose what u stand for or compromise your principles and beliefs to appeal to mainstream. Bey you, Do you and SOAR !!!


Day: J13... BOND... Not much needs to be explained with this post... However 104 years ago today birth a Sorority that has changed so much in this world. Needless to say I am honored to be apart of. To be able to follow in the footsteps of 350,000+ EDUCATED Women who took the step toward greatness and against many obstacles leaves me speechless. To my chapter from which I crossed you are the epitome of Divine Destiny. You all inspire me daily to be great at any and everything I do and try. So Thank You... for the Bond as Women, for the Bond as Sister, for the Bond as a Legacy, Thank You Xi Chi and Thank You Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. J13! Ooo-oop my Sorors !!! #3315ChallengeJan13


Day 14: REST... We live in a generation we're we can literally work 24hrs a day and then we subconsciously allow our bodies to just crash when they do. I've realized I actually work better when I actually rest. So rest this year. Don't be so in a rush to finish it all in one day if you don't have to. Work at it today then rest and get back up and work at it again. Resting allows your body to shut down and reboot and if you don't allow a shut down and reboot you won't have much to offer yourself. So Rest. It's okay to rest. Photo featuring my special little Sister! @ohphills #3315ChallengeJan14


Day15: TRADITION... I love tradition. There's a pureness that I love about it. I think we forgot sometimes just where we came from and what we've built. A burger joint that many memories were made at. Locations where my parents met, where I had my first burger, where we hung out after school, where I met my first love. Landmarks that have literally grown up with us, that have raised us. In every city, we all have them. Don't forget the traditions, honor the traditions, because they are timeless and they have made us who we are today. THANK YOU for continuing to allow us to make memories. #3315ChallengeJan15


Day16: ENCOURAGEMENT... When you need a smile to cure your frustration life gives you 4 of them. I'm sitting in Starbucks trying to get my Photo Story up and for some odd reason it's just not posting/publishing and Murphy's Law is literally just working against me. Right when I almost just say "forget it" My Mom and Sis stop by and hang with me in Starbucks along with my God Daughter, Lil Sister, Nephew and Niece and literally made my day. Kids can bring the purest joy to a persons life. I had no choice but to feel better in all the laughter they brought me. THANK YOU :) Photo Story Coming Soon ! #BeEncouraged


Day17: THANKFUL... This morning on the way to work I did my morning prayer for the day and was overwhelmed about being grateful. And after sharing with so many of you today my love for film and photography and using it to tell stories and change lives I am overwhelmed with Joy ! So if I haven't thanked you personally, thank you for your continuous love and support of my passions for this world. I am also in hopes that it touched u enough to share your own passion(s) with the world. In the land of life sharing our passion is literally our love language to/for one another ! So let's share our passion, talents, gifts and desires with one another !!! Martin Luther King had a dream and I'm sure you do too :) #3315ChallenegeJan17


Day18: ROYALTY... Know yourself, know where you've come from, know your heritage, know that you deserved to be treated like the Royalty you are. It is that important !!!! WCW to all the Queens out there !!! Honey you are worth it !!! #3315ChallenegeJan18


Day 19: VISION... I'm new to the vision board life however I really enjoyed doing it last year. Mainly because I never realized just how important it is to write down your goals and actually see them daily. Looking at the goals you've set allow them to be subconsciously imprinted in your brain as achievable. So do it. I challenge you to a vision board or at least the simplicity of writing down a List of Goals for 2017 !!! #VisionBoard #3315ChallenegeJan19


Day20: TRAFFIC... it's inevitable in Los Angeles, however we must embrace the things we cannot change and try to find the good in them. Like Traffic, although it's like pulling teeth, it's also a good time of the day we can use for things like gathering our thoughts, prayer, phone calls, playing our favorite music, making future plans, and even enjoying the view and then before you know it your at your destination. Make good of the things we see as bad. Change your perspective today. #3315ChallengeJan20


Day 21: CANDID... these type of photos have always been my favorite. To see someone else be genuinely happy, sad, angry or just passionate at its purest form is priceless. And to know I can capture just that with a click of a button makes me happy. Be You, Be Beautiful ! #3315ChallengeJan21


Day22: THE PROCESS... So I'm cooking these beans and I just took some time to realize how wrinkly and unappetizing they look before they are finished and it dawned on me that everything has a process. You may not feel too great while your in it but the end result will be mind blowing. So Respect the Process, embrace the process, the heat, the unmasking of becoming a better you. As excited as I am to see the food when it's done I'm even more excited to watch my own process. So let's embrace it. And let it happen. #3315ChallenegeJan22


Day 23: INFLUENCE... Meet one of my favorite photographers... @andrewtkearns ... whose also a Vlogger via YouTube... I've learned so much from him as a photographer and vlogger. I have a very eclectic style of Photography and am inspired by so many things and different people. There are times when my creative jar is running low and what that happens I become a student and seek to learn and refuel until I've come up with the next big idea. Family, find some positive influences for your passion, gifts, and talents and let it encourage, lead and inspire you. #3315ChallenegeJan23


Day24: ADULTING... weirdly I always remember I'm an adult when it's time to grocery shop. I feel like I have to make real trivial decisions when grocery shopping. Considering a budget, how much can 1 eat for the week, what do I want to eat, breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and will my taste buds agree. It's also a time to be sure to consider your health as well. More veggies then Ice Cream kind of decisions. It's one of the best ways to really get to know yourself and based on how you shop tells me so much about the type of person you really are. What's your fuel preference... ? #3315ChallenegeJan24


Day25: MAKEUP... As young as I could remember my Mom didn't wear much make up but she always had a good lipstick that I would occasionally go in the bathroom to sneak and put on. I also loved the sound of heels coming down the hallway. I was intrigued by the things that made you "WOMAN"... now as a young Woman, it's only essential that I embody those "things" right ?.... So I thought... I've realized it wasn't the make up, it wasn't the sound of heels, nor was it the fancy dresses and handbags, It was/is the Women beneath it all that made the look, clothes and accessories so fierce. WOMEN! WE ARE FIERCE !!! #3315ChallenegeJan25


DAY26: UNITY... Every week I meet with an amazing group of people and tonight I was inspired by how we took a stand, to take a stand. Not individually but together. Each week we divulge into different points and perspectives from one topic and it amazes me how we all take with us different pieces of the sermon to highlight and enlighten each other. That's literally what life is. Renewing Oneself Daily and giving gifts of inspiration to one another. We are so much more powerful together then individually and I thank them for that reminder weekly. Find a foundation of like minded individuals to refresh you. #3315ChallengeJan26


Day27: SHINE. No matter how dark the days, no matter how low they seem, no matter how many lights may actually be out remember as long as u have breath in your body you can keep going. Keep Shinning, Glowing, Beaming, YOU GOT THIS !!! #3315ChallengeJan27


Day28: SEASON... I'm on a hike with my friend Jasmine @primahworld and we're talking about life, God, your purpose and ultimately divine timing. And what I loved most about the talk is knowing that we can't compare ourselves to others around us and wonder why they're in this place in their life and we aren't. We all have to remember we all have our own season and when Gods ready for us to bloom oh believe me we will BLOOM. We spotted these tree's and her words were "they're not in season"... in a field of beautiful green's and beautiful tree's we still have some awaiting their time to shine. I'll be sure to revisit their season and capture their bloom in respect to their time of shine. So remember family, Don't compare, we all have our own season(s). #3315ChallengeJan28


Day29: NETWORKING ... Today was an amazingly remarkable day. From the Morning Worship, Dope Brunch and ending it all with an amazing networking business meeting over dinner with a company that will soon blow you all away. I am overwhelmed and excited to be apart of such a dope DREAM TEAM and know such amazing people. This year is going to be remarkable. Find your team of greatness and don't miss the opportunity to network. #3315ChallengeJan29


Day30: DREAM... This is probably one of my favorite things to do. I thoroughly enjoy sleeping not because I can rest but because my dreams are like movies. Going to sleep for me feels like I'm going into my Dream life. My dreams are extremely vivid and feel so real it's crazy. My dreams often come to past so lately I've been trying my best to write them down. Dreams are such an important part of a persons life rather conscious or unconscious it's a part of the creative cycle that keeps your passion pumping. So Dream people, Dream....... 😌#3315ChallenegeJan30


Day31:Day31: COMPLETE... Finishing something is always bitter sweet. Sweet because you finished it, and completed it to the best of your ability which cause for celebration however I'm secretly gonna miss it. The excitement in finding inspiration everyday to shoot and letting it speak to me and just over all sharing with you all, my family, what Pictures say to me. It's been fun, but this project is done guys. Just be ready for what February is going to bring...... #StayTuned #3315ChallenegeJan31 #33:15hallenege