New Design Release... "Legal Trappin"

This weeks S P O T L I G H T review features our collaboration with a brand designer, Nigel Burton of JUST-BE-DOPE, clothing line. Of course we should have all witnessed his amazing clothing line that is completely stimulated by belief in ones self. Simple reminder that we are all Just that dope.

33:15 took the time to meet with the Nigel Burton of JUST-BE-DOPE, who shared with us how his brand is inspired by positivity and uplifting communities by spreading love. It amazed me how such a brand is being developed at a gentle time like today. Meeting Nigel definitely depicts all that his brand representatives. His passion for JUST-BE-DOPE goes beyond the merchandise. JUST-BE-DOPE reaches to the community from which he grew up in. Embracing and exposing how beautiful a culture really is once realizing just how DOPE you really are. As your reading more about Nigel Burton's Brand, remember to JUST BE DOPE !!!

Enjoy :)


Tell us a bit about yourself as an entrepreneur. What kind of business do you have ? If there is a genre you place yourself in, as an entrepreneur what would it be ?

I am a self start up business, my business is a clothing brand called JustBeDope which is a whole movement based on spreading love, positivity and dope fashion, inspiring those to live optimistic, practice self love and go after what you want. As an entrepreneur I would say I'm a visionary, designer, manufacturer, and leader.

What is your inspiration behind your brand as an entrepreneur ?

The inspiration behind my brand is to spread love and peace to change how people live their lives, to spark a wave of positivity in all those that come into contact with the movement.

Share with us a significant highlight within creating Just-Be-DOPE ?

There have been a lot of highlights along this journey thus far that have really stuck with me and made me want to truly do this for the rest of my life. My fashion show at Fresno State definitely is a standout highlight, both of the shows I did at Fresno state in 2014, the whole place was packed with people, the energy and the support was so beautiful, the crowd was so diverse brought together so many different people. Those that attended it will never forget those shows and neither will I. It made me really feel like this is what I was meant to do.

Where do you see the future of Just-Be-DOPE ? Are there any other big news coming for you ?

The future of JustBeDope is bright I see a lot. Traveling the state, country and the world hosting my unique fashion shows, holding fashion shows/lectures at schools around the country. Having JustBeDope be a well known movement, a household name within the millennial's generation, and for people to really understand the positive message and live through that positive energy.

...any significant/inspiring words you would like to share with our readers ?

I would like to share that anything is possible. Go after what you want to do, plan write out ideas, but get up and get out and go find the resources you need to do whatever it is you're trying to kick off. Network as much as possible, and learn from your failures don't let your failures make you quit.

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