33:15 had the pleasure of shooting & interviewing the talented Miss Joi Wade. A YouTube & Social Media influencer who has shared her journey through high-school & college, natural hair, and creativity with her viewer's over the past 5 years. Joi reaches thousands daily and has been able to help other potential college students seeking admissions and has even published her first book. Check out our Interview below to get to know our Spotlight of week!


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Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

What’s up?! My name is Joi Wade and I am an entrepreneur and social media influencer. I started out on YouTube five years ago; my channel is a montage of natural hair, college and lifestyle videos. Outside of YouTube, I am a journalism student at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Essentially, I love empowering black women through natural hair tutorials on my channel and promoting pursuing higher education on my second platform, You Got Into Where?.


What inspired you to create what you do and what is your motivation behind it ?

I remember watching YouTube videos on natural hair, makeup and DIY’s all the time during middle school and I knew that it was something that I wanted to be a part of. After I started my channel, I made videos on just about anything and had no real focus.

That changed my senior year of high school when I started creating videos on my college application process which really resonated with other high school students. I started to receive a lot of positive messages saying that I helped people apply to college. Now that I am a sophomore in college, I still continue creating my college admissions content but now it is mainly located on my blog yougotintowhere.com.

Currently, my YouTube channel is focused on natural hair tutorials and my life at USC.

My inspiration comes from my viewers. Every piece of feedback I receive, every personal message I get to my inbox, and every person who comes up to me and says that they like my videos are the reason’s I continue to make content. Also, the process of creating videos is really fun to me: I love filming, editing and sharing with the world.


Has there been a significant highlight within your journey you would like to share ?

When I was posting my videos about applying to college, I started to get a large amount of questions from students about how I got scholarships and got into the schools I applied to. Instead of going my traditional route and making more videos, I decided to work on a long-term project during my spring semester of my senior year.

After two months I had a draft of my first book and then a month later in June 2016, I published my first book, You Got Into Where?: How I Received Admission and

Scholarships to the Nation’s Top Universities. It is a college admissions guide for high school students who need help with their college applications and scholarship search. The book is now rated 4.9 stars on amazon and is in the hands of hundreds of students!


Where do you see your platform/Vlogging/Blogging in the future ?

This year I started taking my channel in a new direction with more hair videos. The content has been performing really well so I want to stick with that. I really just want to have fun with my channel and start being more creative with the content that I am putting out.

As I grow, I am starting to work with more brands that I love. Of course, I have a wish list of people I would like to work with, but all of that will come with time and consistency. (If anyone has any connections with the marketing team at Chic Fil A or Converse, plug me please.)

As far as @yougotintowhere goes, I want to start growing the platform and helping students on a larger scale. I am starting to set goals for 2018 and I am super excited about everything this brand is going to become.

To keep up with Joi Wade you can watch her weekly videos on natural hair and college linked below.

visit youtube.com/missjoi100

InstaGram and Twitter @joiwade_

My personal website is joiwade.com.

College admissions brand is yougotintowhere.com.

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