...Los Angeles Fashion District open-door swap meet, or "The Alley", is so full of color there is no way I would miss an opportunity to shoot here. As a Lifestyle/Street Photographer, it feeds my passion to capture the essence of a person as they go about their day. Shopping, being one of the most eclectic ways of expression, always emotes a good source of energy from a person.

Whether they like something, want to buy something, can't find what they're looking for or, most importantly, are trying to make a sell, they're put in a vulnerable position. The emotion from that vulnerability is what I HAD to capture.

With model Stef as my subject, the busyness of life happening around her, her own excitement for the many things she saw, the people that she was surrounded by and the adventure " The Alley" provided gave this photo series Life.

If you haven't been to "The Alley", I encourage you to go. The culture is exhilarating.

...enjoy :)

the ponytail...

...she wore a red sweater...

...black hat..

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