Meet, Natural Hair Blogger "Davia" ! Her transition into natural hair has inspired us all. I had to not only capture her gorgeous hair, but i had to let her share her hair journey with you all. Her zeal and hair glory is the perfect inspiration to open up Summer for 33:15 ! So Happy to have her as a Photo Story feature !

They say Hair is what defines you! how you treat it, how you color it, and how you love it, often denotes how you feel inside. davia, so full of life, shows that in her personality so ofcourse she has amazing hair! read for yourself below! here's her Hair Testimony... Enjoy!

Stylist and Creative Director - Tatiauna B.

Tatiauna often takes her creative designs and give my models the best look based on any requested or theme. Her services are extremely thorough and my clients are always satisfied. If your looking for an LA Stylist you can reach her by email at

…I was that girl who was faithful to her beautician every two weeks. No perms, just a press and curl. During the summertime, I would go au natural. Protective styles were my best friend because summer is always hot and no straight hair would last on me. Transitioning to natural has been so fun and exciting because I have met so many different people. My hair has become a conversation piece. All the experimentation has been well worth getting my healthy hair back. And I love wearing it out and big. The bigger the better. I'm not one of those who swear by not putting heat on your hair. I like to get mine straightened once a year, maybe twice for special occasions. If your hair is healthy and you are taking proper care of it, it doesn't matter if you chose to use heat. They say everything is "okay" in moderation. Learn your hair, learn your hair limits. Most importantly don't give up on the journey. It's never easy starting but the results are worth it.

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