So... we've all been to High School right ? that means each and every character you meet in this blog will remind you of "THAT GIRL" from high school. We took our time in re-creating to share with you a short story of High School featuring Team ThirtyThreeFifteen.

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Todd-Tresevant Charter High School !!!

This story is about a prestigious private school made for students smarter then smart and richer than rich in a city that no one even knows exist. However they've got one small secret and that's their students behavior. For some odd reason their still learning, but just cant keep their attitudes together.

This term we meet Dr. Shubbie, a well known person to fear. Will these girls get it together or will we be forced to see them again next year. We've already received a call from Ms. Baker for disruptions already, she's got a list of students ready for detention... "oh shoot was that the bell"... lets pass the detention room for a quick look and seeeeeee...

B2Sk (118 of 168).jpg the girls of DETENTION:

Daria- "Dark and twisted, black and demented- i don’t follow the rules. I play with fire and test limits- its whatever I want to choose. Don’t get too close, you’ll murder yourself !!! ...I bring both my lighters to school".

Erin - "...ball is life has always been my motto, when I’m thirsty the ladies bring me water bottles-- never been the one to let anyone steal my light.. my fuse is short attitude on 10- I’m always ready to fight".

Monica- "Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Cornell all know my name. Straight A's and AP courses, I clearly run this school game. Never have time for boys and drama, I hit them with “as if” 🙄 and flick my hair, not sure how I ended up in detention with all of these squares, “eww” its gum on my chair".

Rachel - "I don't limit myself to the opinion of others, everyone else is afraid to be themselves while I boldly stand out. I break rules and I break hearts, try me and ill crush yours without a doubt. Class is for losers, my mind is on his pockets my sympathy tends to run short- these teachers are annoying, how can I sneak out🤔? Crap, she’s coming - missionfreaking abort 🙄".

Anne - "They call me a nerd, well I don’t see it that way. I am not always the one on the scene.. but I can do more that what I say. Is that your iPhone and laptop on the desk right there.. be careful because I can make all your information disappear".


Dr. Shubbie ! She's known to keep these girls in line, Let's see if they give her a try !

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...oh Anne...

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Miss Monica...

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Demented Daria

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Erin Sports

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Madam Rachel

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...outside of class... Nothing Changes...

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Each Look Created and Styled by: Tatiauna B.


(l to r) Rachel - Cournei J., (top) Erin - Qiyamah N., (bottom) Daria - Deja T., (center) Anne - Amanda M., Monica - Alyssa P., Principal Schubbie - Davia S.
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